WALTER. An annual follow-up program of Ecoflo Biofilter installations offering real peace of mind to homeowners of isolated dwellings.

WALTER. A preventive maintenance and environmental sampling program to ensure the continuous supervision of Premier Tech Aqua treatment equipment.

WALTER. A user-friendly and effective data collection tool for residential wastewater services professionals.

Premier Tech Aqua

Premier Tech Aqua is a major player in the onsite and decentralized wastewater treatment industry. We offer a full range of technologies and services for the residential, commercial, municipal and industrial sectors.

WALTER: Wastewater Treatment Services

A complete service program that ensures the complete protection of the performances of wastewater treatment systems.

Reliable tools adapted to all types of systems, equipment and septic services: septic tanks, trickling filters, aerated bioreactors, low pressure distribution and more.

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